Kapi Creek/The Skopea Limani     36°38.7′N, 28°53.6′E

Kapi Creek is the first inlet to the south of the passage between Domuz Island and the mainland when entering the Skopea Limani from the east.  It is a steep-sided creek and the entrance to the creek will not be seen until you are almost upon it.  Only when you see the restaurant at its head does it become visible.

There is space for a few yachts to anchor on the east side of the inlet but most tie up on the jetty of the restaurant, where there are some 20 laid moorings.  Mooring lines are taken to an assortment of angle irons, rings and bollards by the helpful restaurant staff.  In some of the berths, it is necessary to go bows-to due to rocks near the jetty.  Only the middle berths on the south side have depths >2.5m.  Depths are about 2m on the east side.

At the restaurant, the fare is typical of most Skopea Limani establishments – a set meal for for a fixed price, which is quite simple but much improved by the beautiful setting.

A walk up to the summit will provide magnificent views and perhaps a spotting of falcons.  On the eastern side of the inlet are some barrel-vaulted Byzantine structures.


  • Small local restaurant
  • Jetty for approximately 20 yachts
  • Mooring/anchoring
  • No harbour

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