Serçe Liman     36°34.6′N, 28°03.10′E

Serçe Liman is about 2nm E of Loryma and 14nm W of Marmaris.  It is an excellent all-weather anchorage and very well protected. It is hard to find because its entrance is a narrow opening surrounded by high cliffs.

In Serçe Liman, the wreck of an 11th century Byzantine ship loaded with glassware was found and excavated. The glassware is now exhibited at the Bodrum Underwater Museum.  Even now, Serçe Liman remains a rich environment for underwater archaeology.

A restaurant is located on the east side of the inlet.  It has 16 laid moorings.  Since the cove is fairly deep it is worth accepting a mooring, but you must also set a shore line.  The restaurant has small boats that will meet and assist but do not entirely rely on them for securing your yacht.   If you take one of the moorings, not surprisingly, you are expected to eat in the restaurant.  The food and service is good.

You can also anchor on the deep W side of the cove. The holding at 6-10m is good but you should also take a line to the rocks.


  • Restaurant
  • Anchorage; some laid moorings
  • No jetties
  • No harbour

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