Tomb Bay/The Skopea Limani     36°41.6′N, 28°52.3′E

There are several coves around the bay equipped with bollards where a yacht can anchor in the usual 15-20 metres and take a line ashore.  Two of the best, where depths are slightly less and therefore better for anchoring, are to the SW side of the bay on either side of a rocky peninsula.  Anchor here in sand in 10-15 metres and take a line ashore. The best positions are sadly often occupied by gulets.

Alternatively, there is a restaurant on the west side of the bay which has a long, two-part wooden jetty which can take 30-40 yachts.  Mooring rings are stainless steel and through-bolted.

A rough path up from the shore leads to several impressive Lycian rock-cut tombs in the cliffs above, from where there are also great views of the bay.


  • Small local restaurant
  • Jetty for 30-40 yachts
  • Mooring/anchoring
  • No harbour

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