Wall Bay/The Skopea Limani     36°38.7′N, 28°50.05′E

Wall Bay is a cove is near Ruin Bay on the opposite side of the wide bay and is considered one of the most delightful anchorages in Turkey.  It has pine trees sloping down to crystal clear water.

Anchor in the horseshoe shaped cove at the top of the bay, to the north of the high defensive wall from which the bay takes its name, and take a line ashore to a bollard.

There are two dangerous underwater rocks which lie about 20 metres offshore from its northern end.  Take care to anchor clear of them if mooring towards the northern side of the cove. Depths here are 10-15 metres and the holding is excellent in sand and mud.  Shelter is excellent from all directions except NE.

Alternatively, berth alongside the restaurant on the north side of the bay, where there is space for around 30 yachts on two jetties.  Mooring lines are tied to angle iron supports.

There are a few restaurants along the waterfront, which also provides a pleasant walk in the shade of the pine trees.  If desired, a healthy walk to the headland serves up a beautiful view of Ruin Bay.


  • Small, local restaurants
  • Walking/hiking terrain
  • Jetty for approximately 30 yachts
  • Mooring/anchoring
  • No harbour

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